Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Live from San Diego!

Well Mike and I are both in San Diego at SigGraph getting our brains filled up with knowledge once again. There are lots of amazing papers, tricks and techniques that are being discussed here, unfortunately not too many that are applicable to the spectrum. It is amazing to think how things have moved on in a relatively short period of time, most of the things being discussed were impossible (at realtime rates at least) even a few years ago, never mind 25 years ago.

Anyway I have had a chance on the plane over and between some sessions to add a functional section of the path moving code, so I can now have (logically at least, not hooked it up to the render code yet, though it is trivial) sprites moving around the screen, following paths that are specified in the level data.

I have followed Mikes layout as much as possible so that we can share a lot of the path data... It will not always be possible because of the resolution differences but I will where possible.

Anyway I'll post more details in the near future.

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