Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well Mike has been complaining that my posts are very sporadic (he's a fine one to talk!). So I thought I would update you all on progress since SigGraph...

Well while I was away I implemented the sprite movement and bullets (including the collision detection), so I now have a pretty full game system in there now...

But I was getting very annoyed with the assembler that I have been using, mainly because I wanted to have a linker and a lot more power for putting everything together. I decided to take a leaf out of Mikes book and write the tools that I need.

So I've been writing a Z80 assembler for the Spectrum that does exactly what I wanted it to do, it is called RKASM (Russell Kay assembler) which is not very original.

My main goals just now are to get something that can assemble the code that I have already, for that I need
* basic instructions
* SNA output.
* macros
* structs

I have the top 3 done already and I'm working on the last 2.

After that I'm going to add sections and linking semantics into the assembler, so that I can then organise things to my satisfaction within the game.

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