Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's been a while

Well I thought I should write something as it's been a while since I last posted.

Currently I'm writing some tools to convert map data into the correct format for the scrolling routines and eliminate a lot of the mistakes I've been making because I've had to type the data in by hand. It's taken a while because well ... no excuses really I've just not had the time recently.

Anyway I've gotten it mostly written now C# is a wonderful thing (best thing MS have done in a long time) so XeO3Gen now exists to convert maps into the correct format. Now I just need to modify the code to use the new format (that's tomorrows job).

And for the trivia fans the name XeO3Gen is an homage to the tool I wrote for Lemmings 2 (l2gen) that converted all the graphics and style files for the target machines.

Nice, I hope to see something soon. Are you still aiming at the 48k zx spectrum?

In relation to the program in C#... I study computing at university and the language we learn is Java, do you think C# is much better? I used to program in C++ and wasn't that happy when I knew that at uni they were teaching Java only as I always heard it was slow etc.
C# is much nicer than both Java and C++. Its been designed from the ground up and fixes many (not all - but many) of the syntactical ugly's of C++.

Its closer to Java in the way things are orginised, but has a much nicer hosting environment with the .NET runtime.
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