Friday, November 03, 2006

Scrolling Working!

Well I got the scrolling working yesterday, so I thought I would put a video up for you all to see, still programmer art so it does not look very nice, and I have a particularly bad sprite routine in there just now (I know I can optimise the heck out of that one), I've been mainly worried about the scrolling up to now.

It is still taking a bit too much time just now, but I'm going to get the sprite routines in and start adding some gameplay in there before I go back and make more decisions on the scrolling.

Currently I have a cache of 16 tile pairs per screen that I am scrolling (as I'm trying to avoid storing prerotations) and 4 tile pairs per screen line, but I know I can expand that to 8 tile pairs per screen line, and I can move to pre-rotated tiles if need be (to lift the 16 tile pairs restriction). So I am fairly comfortable with this.

Also if I need them I can overlay sprites on the background as well to make it look nicer if need be, though my aim is to have as many sprites moving as possible to keep the action frenetic.

Anyway it's just a little taster to show progress... and remember I am no artist....

Lookin' good!! But we really need to get you some graphics :)

I was watching a couple of videos on YouTube; Ghosts'n'Goblins and Gouls'n'Ghosts. Both are pretty smart - BIG scrolling areas. Perhaps you should have a quick look at their code?
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