Thursday, July 05, 2007

Now with added sprites!

I now have a simple sprite routine up and running as outlined below, it all seems to be working pretty well and the sprite cache is working too which is a double plus.

Currently it is not using masks or anything like that so it all looks very dull, but all the logic is in place now.

I have to tidy up a few things, and I'll post the sprite cache linked list code in the near future as I have managed to make it branchless which improves the readability of it and I believe performance on the Z80 (as the flags are not set on load for Z80, so I have to introduce an instruction to check for zero).

Anyway, progress is being made and I hope to have something with several sprites flying around over the next few days.

And then I'll work on getting the path code working so that we can have formations of enemies.

Bah, now you are blabbing about sprites when I'm waiting to see the queue code :)

IIRC most of list handling routines in Amiga exec.library were non-branching too, and the remaining could be made non-branching by sacrificing some speed. Well, M68000 has free flag update* and plenty of registers, but most of the list code would be trivial to implement with Z80.

* not always a good thing. There are times when you want to keep the flags for later. Oh why didn't they put PPC in Spectrum and C64 ;)
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